2017, video
This is a tribute work, an audiovisual project that combines video works and texts, "evidences on paper", about philosophical concepts and wisdom of living, from a woman who lived in a small house in an old Carpathian village, "where clouds are lingering, the stream is singing, and flowers are not withering".

With efforts of a folklorist, Volodymir Gnatuk, the village Kryvorivnya has become a "summer residence of Ukrainian culture" at the end of 19 and at the beginning of the 20th century.

Within one hundred years in a row, this place has been hosting artists, poets, writers, musicians and historians, and locals have become advisers, storytellers and characters of their works.

For an artist who has been traveling around the world for many years, learning culture and history, doing research in the areas of spiritual practices of various folks, Kryvorivnya village, hidden deep into the Carpathian mountains with its inhabitants, has become one more mystical country. Within five year, she has been going on expedition trips to Kryvorivnya village, (Verhovyna area) Ivano-Frankivsk region, and documented the stories of the daily routine of hutsuls from a local "legend', Feodosia (Odosia) Plytka-Sorohan. In February 2017, Odosia passed away. The people, who knew her felt that some words were left unspoken, coupled with moral obligation. Hence, the idea of a tribute project "Hrushivka" emerged. The latter consisted of 16 videostories, which were filmed during Odosia's lifetime, and a brochure with the story of the artist.