2012, video installation
It is video that gives the author the opportunity to show the idea by means of images. This imagery demonstrates transformation. In other words motion, changes, merry-go-round of life.

Life is the flow of the eternity… It has the beginning, but does it have the end?

A human has given birth to a mystery: living gives birth to mortal, mortal gives birth to living. The answer has become an image of the source of life in the universe – an egg, which is a timeless symbol of transformation.

Life passes like water in a river, but does death have sense? Doesn't it, inevitable, give birth again and again?

It is coming, the darkness, that creates and comes, and the light that reproduces and diffuses new lives around the world – black and white substances…

As the heart bleeds in purple, the red pulses in the most important energies of life between birth and death.

The birth of life has become the concept of Zinaida's video-art. Life is a perpetual motion today and always. Its philosophical perception occurs through black and white colors, which are united by the dynamics of a red color. The colors of rites of the transformation are the colors that continue each other but never iterate.

Three colors – three contrast feminine images, are transformed into artistic dresses. Chastity of white, austerity of black and passion of red images is the triune sense of the beginning and the end.

Life isn't the beginning. Death isn't the end.

Parallel program of the ARSENALE 2012, 1stKyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art. M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

Within International Contemporary Art Fair Pulse,2013. Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, USA