The second bread
November 15, 2019 - February 29, 2020
Museum of Contemporary Art Bogota
Zinaida is a multimedia Kyiv based artist (b. Kyiv, Ukraine)

Throughout her career, the core interests of Zinaida has been in metaphysics of life and energy. To understand the source of cosmic energy, Zinaida has been looking back to the traditions and rituals of tribal communities that are still in touch with the wisdom of their ancestors. Right from the beginning of her career that started in Kiev, Ukraine, Zinaida immersed herself in a search for spirituality in art. Zinaida worked with abstract shapes to explore human connection to the universe. She always saw flowers as a metaphor for a sacral part of visually unseen entities. Zinaida's early works may remind one of a recently discovered Swedish artist, Hilma af Klint.

Zinaida developed her intuitive understanding of spirituality by studying rituals in Ukrainian culture. She went on multiple expeditions around the country to conduct interviews with local inhabitants and learn their rituals. They led Zinaida to the understanding of the importance of creative female powers which then became a foundation for a lot of her video works.

Euromaidan Revolution in 2014 completely changed the course of Ukrainian history which inspired Zinaida to create her first socio-political art comments. In an attempt to help her country in that difficult moment, Zinaida devised an art rehabilitation program and founded an ARTREHUB, non-profit that has been working with Ukrainian war veterans in efforts to help their assimilation into society after military service.

Zinaida shared her silent politically-charged video work MUTE with the United States' audience in her first New York solo exhibition in 2018. It became the culmination of Zinaida's social duty to her motherland. She found herself going back to the themes of her early works, and the imagery of flowers in particular. Zinaida is currently working on an original technique, in which she uses concrete and natural milk to juxtapose permanency of symbolism with temporarily of life.