The Wall
2015, performance
Part I. Audiovisual performance "Reconstruction"


Participants: chamber ensemble "Artehatta", Myroslava Kotorovych and Katya Chilly.

The first part of the figural interpretation of the tragedy "The Wall of Remembrance" happened to be a performance. The performance was presented as a crying act, the cry for the destroyed important art object and human life which was also broken due to impossibility to realize what was meant to be. At the same time, during the work with historical materials and facts, which proved the act of state vandalism, a new theme emerged. The new theme was degeneration and love – love of a man and a woman, love towards surrounding, love of the artist to his work.

Part II. Installation "The Wall"

Art Kyiv Contemporary

Installation "The Wall" is a continuation of the idea of reconstruction (in metaphysical sense), but it already aims at revealing intersection themes of freedom and thirst for it – "breaking the wall".

Installation is divided into two layers. Each layer represents different concept but it does not lose its connection with another one. This way symbolic uncovering of the system takes place, which leads to ruining and destruction. It does not really matter if it exists in the minds of people, provoking war aggression or in art reality, creating precedents, as it happened with the destroyal of unique sculptural array of the Wall of Remembrance.

Part III. Performance "The Wall"

Art Kyiv Contemporary

In collaboration with Ukrainian stage director Dmytro Bogomazov.

"Revivification" of the static installation by means of performance language becomes the logical final point of the whole project. When the exhibition life of the object comes to its end, a new act takes place, which finally aims at unveiling the whole idea in synthesized integrity of all elements.

Performance as a universal language sparks reaction called "here and now" that makes one act and realize, and it is not unexpected that it encourages breaking the wall.

2015 Art-Kyiv Contemporary, Kyiv, Ukraine; 2017 For you «My Shiny Paradise» Valentyn Silvestrov, scenography for the concert based on «The Wall», Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine