2014, video installation
Composer Alla Zagaikevych
The theme of a woman, her inner world, which is deeply rooted in the works of Kobzar, inspires Zinaida. In the year 2014, which was announced Taras Shevchenko's year, the artist reinterpreted her favorite poem "Lileya". In the video Vytkani, virgin and innocent girls, just like Parcae goddesses, pull the yarn, unraveling the threads of fate and, thus changing the line of their life.

"The main character of this poem tragically dies and is reborn as a gorgeous and tender lily flower. This romantic story has been translated into the collection in the form of a lappet and then inspired me to create this installation. The girls "inweave" the strophe of the poem, interweaving the verbal images in the fabric. This way they transform poetry into visual forms," - explained the artist.

2014 Ukrainian Fashion Week, Kyiv, Ukraine; Author's dresses from the performance were presented to a chamber ensemble "Artehatta"