Last Supper
2016, video
The video demonstrates a destroying power of a human being directed at everything alive. Destructive wars, man-made and hard-hitting natural disasters are the events that terrify not only with the number of fatalities and the scale of damages caused to the global community, but also with the reasons behind them.

The work offers to perceive humans as a container that stores not only the positive but also negative experiences and knowledge. When people overflow with the bad and evil, defragmentation is then required, but instead of spiritual practices, this negativity is cleared by pouring out the negative in all its manifestations: from chauvinism, xenophobia and homophobia to terrorist attacks and war. Thus, humanity, day in and day out gives into processes, from which is trying to get rid, and instead of the Spiritual (catharsis), feels physical ecstasy from the process of mocking their own body. The shooting of this film took place at existing slaughterhouses, including territories of industrial Chernobyl, incomplete parts of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the territory of Chernobyl-2, the area of Zagorizontnoi radar station, and abandoned farms and factories.

Just Mad 2016, Madrid, Spain; International project Clouded Lands. 30 years Chornobyl (Food of War presents) 2016-2017: National Art and Culture Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal", Kyiv, Ukraine; Berlin, Germany; London, Great Britain; Burgas, Spain; Bogota, Columbia