Black Milk
From sketches to material preparation to mixed media painting - follow creative process of the artist in the slide show below.

Mixed Media, all materials are organic including wood panels, concrete and milk

The goal of the project is to sparkle a dialogue about the continually changing social perception of milk properties and its source. How many of us were raised on a glass of cow milk before night sleep, a cup of warm milk with honey when our throat was giving up on us, or simply a morning bowl of cereals with milk? In the past years, the situation with milk consumption has drastically changed. In the United States, annual milk consumption dropped by around 80 liters per person in the past 30 years. The word milk has almost become synonymous to poison because of the contemporary methods of farming and the latest research about its effects on our bodies. Nonetheless, milk is the first food all mammals have when they are born, it is an allegory for the beginning of life. Non-dairy milk is gaining popularity while centuries-long habits and rituals are left to die out. Flowers in concrete with the addition of natural cow milk reveal this tension.

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