Black Necklace Concert Dedicated to Fallen Female Soldiers at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine
On September 17, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine hosted the CHAMBER ACCENTS OF AUTUMN QuintoFest, namely in a concert called as BLACK NECKLACE - a project combining sound and video art. Conductor Nataliia Ponomarchuk performed the music of Alla Zahaikevych, Viktoriia Poleva, Liubava Sydorenko and Hanna Gavrylets. The project is dedicated to female soldiers who died during the Ukrainian War of Independence. Artist Zinaida Kubar presented the videos: BLACK NECKLACE, BLACK BRIDE, WOVEN, THE CHURKALА MYSTERY, FLOWERS OF THE SKY, SO СHARMING AUTUMN, TRANSFORMATION for each musical composition. She also created an installation in the lobby.