Rushnyk Canvases Solo Exhibition by artist ZINAIDA
Rushnyk Canvases Solo Exhibition by artist Zinaida Kubar (ZINAIDA) will open on June 28 at 16:00 in Khlibnia Hall of the National St. Sophia Cathedral National Reserve, where will be presented original rushnyks made in different techniques.

Multi-year study of the mythologemes, archetypes and worldviews of the Ukrainian ethnos have greatly inspired artist ZINAIDA to create a number of art works, one of the main leitmotifs of which is ornament, and the main source of this fundamental theme is Ukrainian ornament in embroidered shirts, towels and household items decoration.

The linen cryptograms preserved and brought to our days by Ukrainian women being custodians of a deep tradition contain codes and keys to arranging life in accordance with the Laws of the Universe. Numerous culturological expeditions and communication with the bearers of ethnocodes enriched the artist to analyze, comprehend and rethink sacred folk treasures, embodyfing them in the original content.

The first original rushnyks as an art work appeared in 2009. Since then, the master has created dozens of original canvases, which will be presented at this exhibition. Painted, embroidered, printed or decorated, they are all ZINAIDA's original vision, the embodiment of its artistic tastes and worldview values.

In this turbulent for Ukraine time, the people are increasingly turning to the patrimonial meanings of our ancestors. From them, we source inspiration and love for the native land, and most importantly - the thirst for life. An ineradicable paradise of sacred images recreated by the artist dispels the darkness of the soul, enlightens spiritually and makes a person happier…

The partner of the event - Dom Master Klass Cultural Center.

Exhibition period: June 28 - July 28

Opening hours: 10.00 - 18.00, Monday - closed

24, Volodymyrska st., St. Sophia Cathedral National Reserve, Khlibnia Hall

Press Inquiries: [email protected], Natalya