Rooted: the Fourth Expedition with Caroling to the Exclusion Zone
Traditionally, on January 13, St. Basil's Day, musicians, scientists and volunteers gather around ZINAIDA's initiative for caroling in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. This time the experienced and friendly warm team toured 14 houses in 4 villages and the city of Chernobyl.

For several years in a row, ZINAIDA has been the initiator of an art expedition to the Chornobyl area, and since then, together with volunteers and employees of the State Research Center for Protection of Cultural Heritage from Man-Made Disasters has visited the Exclusion Zone to preserve the memory of life and culture of the affected Polissya.

"This winter, in the course devotion and answering the call of the heart, I visited Chernobyl Polissya in the Exclusion Zone again," says the author of the idea, artist ZINAIDA, - we were greeted by well-known Polishchuks, sincerely treating with traditional regional treats, including ceremonial dishes: rich kutia. Each trip is a unique treasure for the soul and memory. It discovers new and leaves behind special messages. I will remember this year with heartfelt words: "Girls, songs have not been sung in this house for more than 30 years, there has never been such a thing here! Sing, please!" I realize that our traditional trips will one day face an objective reality, because today, a good third of the houses familiar from past visits to the Exclusion Zone are empty, without people. And this trend directly affects the state of spiritual and material culture of Chernobyl area. But right now I am sincerely grateful to the talented like-minded people and the opportunity to lively interact with the warmth of the hearts of rooted settlers. It envelops the soul with inexpressible Happiness! "

Especially for the project, professional artists performing authentic songs Iryna Danyleiko, Halyna Honcharenko and Anastasia Poletnieva recorded Malada Galiechka Pshenytsiu Zhala, a Christmas carol from Kyiv Polissya (Kupovate village, Ivankiv district).

Let us recall that the Rooted Documentary Project was based on the rare footage from the daily lives of elderly locals in the Chornobyl zone filmed by the expedition team for the fourth year in a row. These are stories, confessions and various moments of life of those people who remained to stay here after the tragedy.