ZINAIDA has created a traditional Ukrainian vytynanka
"Night Brightness"
For the All-Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition, which has now opened at the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, ZINAIDA has created a traditional Ukrainian vytynanka (the art form of papercutting) "Night Brightness" on Hanji craft paper.

In her works, ZINAIDA transmits the uniqueness of Ukrainian cultural identity using the language of contemporary art. While creating a vytynanka, inspired by the unique centuries-old experience of decorative and applied arts and traditional crafts, the artist combined two ancient elements of extremely different and distant cultures.

The exposition of the exhibition consists of more than 300 works. Thematically the vast majority of them are an artistic reflection of the winter season and are primarily associated with the New Year and Christmas holidays.

The exhibition will run from December 18, 2020 to January 31, 2021.