The Forbidden Journey: Food and conflict in challenging times
The Forbidden Journey: Food and conflict in challenging times
5-8 October 2022
Saatchi Gallery, London.
Ground Floor, Gallery 3
Admission free.
LONDON, UK (TBC Sept, 2022) – This October, an international collective of artists will shine a light on the 10 million people currently experiencing food insecurity in the United Kingdom in a new exhibition Forbidden Journey: Food and conflict in challenging times. The show is open 5 - 8 October 2022 within the main gallery spaces at London's iconic Saatchi Gallery.

Exhibited works will probe the relationships between food and conflict, and aim to explore the notion of eating amidst social and political turmoil globally. The Forbidden Journey is presented by the UK-based non-profit art initiative Food of War, a Multidisciplinary Art Collective dedicated to explore the relationship between food and conflict through art.

Featuring paintings, sculptures, performances and food installations, The Forbidden Journey evokes questions about food availability, access and consumption in countries impacted by conflict. Visitors will be taken on an international journey through conflicted regions such as Chernobyl in Ukraine and the Colombian Amazon; exploring issues in the United Kingdom.

The retrospective brings together a diverse selection of contemporary artists whose works aim to highlight how food is impacted by issues such as nuclear threats, bee and insect decline and food insecurity as a shared experience. The Forbidden Journey showcases contributions by artists Marina Abramović and Raul Marroquín and works by Food of War members.