ZINAЇDA will present her art work Flow in The Line Contemporary Art Space in London


From December 20, 2019, to January 31, 2020, The Line Contemporary Art Space (London) will host an international festival of photography, painting, installation, sculpture, video art ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE. AIR. WATER. EARTH 2019, where the artist ZINAЇDA will present her work Flow.

In ZINAЇDA's opinion, everything in nature, like the human body, consists of five primary elements: earth, air, ether, water and fire. Since ancient times, in order to be able to use the forces of nature, man began to encode the primary elements. The code is a space where interaction with elements of nature becomes possible.

“I consider the subject of elements coding in the context of traditions existing on the territory of the current Chornobyl exclusion zone. The territories were little studied before the accident, and after it, they were completely covered by a “black cloud”, which made it extremely difficult to conduct ethnographic surveys: everything was covered with ashes. Each symbol, in my work, is the energy of an individual element. FLOW is a kind of performance in which, thanks to the remaining knowledge and the remains of household things found during the expeditions, I reconstruct the basic codes of traditional life as well as decorative and applied art of local residents,” notes ZINAЇDA.

Organizers of ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE. AIR WATER. EARTH 2019 have invited artists from 50 countries. The event will bring together an international community of professional curators, gallery owners, collectors, editors and publishers.