Vessels of Life: Zinaida's new social project related to Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

In this video format, the artist ZINAIDA presents her work "Vessels of Life", dedicated to the vulnerability of wildlife. ZINAIDA urges to look at Ukrainian forests as a single organism, that breathes, lives and sensitively responds to any problems. The background for creating this video was dresses with prints that reproduce tree branches, veins of leaves and vessels of tree trunks. The artist combined all of this with real shots of the engulfed in flames, smoky forests, that were broadcasted on all TV channels of the country a few weeks ago.

Trees, like humans, have vessels. Like humans, they need water and sun light. Like humans, they are vulnerable to polluted air and neglect and, just like humans, quickly die in an uninhabitable space.

But there is one fundamental difference between us: trees produce oxygen, without which life on the Earth is impossible. By absorbing carbon dioxide, trees protect us all from global warming. It's simple: no trees – no life. Through their vessels they are united with the universe. But even if you don't believe it, just thank them for being.

By killing plants, destroying forests, we ruin the nature and ourselves – with this message, the artist ZINAIDA addresses the inhabitants of the Earth. Let's care about trees the way we care about people's lives. Understanding the importance of this attitude to nature we will preserve it and ourselves in it.