The second bread

We live in a time when things what absolutely lost their own meaning happens. In a time when such the main human values as belief, peace.. or love unjustifiably fade into the background. We often see how people deprived of opportunities to satisfy even their primary needs. The ability to feed itself and your children, to see your family, to have something that look like a roof over your head - all of this are consequential issues that it leads to; it - is a cruel and ruthless war. But if you even on a second become over the circumstances which cause that horrible things, in a moment awareness comes that there is something simpler and more important: we are human, all of us. We are free, we must be happy, to be well-heeled, to live in peace. And we can be like that. In this freedom we all are united. And when brotherly-tragic and obscure doings occur, it becomes weird and surreal, as if a pelmen' is in variance with a varenyk.

For ukrainian people varenyky are a second dish after the bread. It have long been prepared for the family table and have more than 100 differences of fillings.

Equally important dish is pelmens, for russian people. The technique of cooking and the primary function - sacriface - are the same as varenyks has. Varenyks looks like the New Moon by the form and it symbolizes the feminine strength. Pelmens, in return, have the Sun form and remind us of the ourunity of blood.